I love music, especially live music, and I have very eclectic tastes. I also enjoy all types of IPA beers, dark chocolate and chicken Wings. In fact I would go as far as saying I have a real weakness for Buffalo Wings, the hotter, the better! I’m a big hockey fan, and a long devoted (mostly suffering) fan of the two major Buffalo sports franchises.  I really enjoy meeting and getting to know genuine people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Photography was introduced to my life when my father gave me my first camera as a child, a Mamiya Seccor 35mm with a 50mm lens. That gift of a camera triggered an interest that became a serious hobby that eventually blossomed into a business. Alongside this evolution I’ve worked for a major corporation in the print industry on the software side of the business and developed and delivered training classes for various Adobe programs. I’m an Adobe Certified Expert in Acrobat Professional, InDesign and Photoshop, which comes in handy for the photography too!

With a passion for photography and a love of meeting and getting to know new people I suppose it was inevitable that I would focus my efforts on becoming a wedding and portrait photographer. I’ve been very fortunate to have the support of a few photographer friends, one in particular who gave me many opportunities to work regularly whilst fine tuning my skills. We often work together whenever weddings need two photographers and we’re not individually booked.

I’ve been photographing weddings and portraits throughout western and central New York and beyond for around six years now and I can honestly say that each wedding is still as exciting for me as the first ones. I still get an immense feeling of joy from capturing the real emotion of weddings and nothing makes me happier than when my couples tell me how they love their images and the experience of working with me. 

So why not have a browse around the website, find out more about my style and how I approach weddings, take a look through the galleries and if I feel like the sort of photographer you are looking for I’d love to hear from you.

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