It’s always difficult to try to define your own photographic style, it’s even harder to define it without sounding just like every other photographer’s website but I’m going to try….

A wedding day is all about the bride and groom, and of course their family and friends. It’s not about the photographer so I take care not to become the center of attention on the day. My approach is probably best described as mostly observational with a little gentle guidance if needed. I want to tell your story authentically but I don’t aim to be a major character in your story.

Every wedding is unique, every couple is individual, so while I might choose to describe my approach as that of a storytelling photo-journalist who adds some creative portraiture into the mix, and I might describe my style as a fusion of classic and contemporary, my photography is all about you. You may have your wedding in the same venue as another of my couples but your photographs will not look the same as theirs.

So how do I make each wedding unique when I’m shooting so many?

By not telling you what you must have from your photographs. By taking the time to get to know you, to get a feel of your personalities and to understand what you really want from your wedding photography.  You will never be ‘just another wedding client’ to me. I’m still filled with joy and excitement at every single wedding I photograph, your wedding matters to me almost as much as it does to you!

From your first contact through to your wedding day I’ll be as involved in your wedding as you would like me to be. For some couples that may mean there is little contact in between our initial conversations and the wedding day. My strong reportage photography skills ensure that I can cover your day authentically without knowing you intimately. Others prefer to have my support every step of the way, as one of my wedding couples recently said “Rob was not just a wonderful wedding photographer, he also became an amazing partner in helping to create and execute or dream wedding”.


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