My Approach

I’m a both a storyteller and photo portraitist

A wedding day is all about you two, and of course by extension your family and your most beloved. I take care not over direct or become the center of attention. I describe my approach as that of a storytelling photo-journalist who will always add creative portraiture into the mix. How much depends on your wishes.

With your wedding photography I’ll take a mostly unobtrusive approach to capture your day authentically. Of course there will also be moments where I’ll need to get up close, but wherever possible I’ll observe from more of a distance. For instance, during the wedding preparations I might direct you into those parts of the room with great light but I won’t stage moments to create a story, I prefer to capture the genuine narrative of the day.

At some point we'll create some classic, romantic. and fun portraits, your first ones as a married couple. I’ll give you a some general direction and guidance to help keep you looking natural and relaxed but I won’t excessively pose you unless you opt for a few more fashion inspired shots. There’s no need to worry if you don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera, that’s quite normal and I’m used to putting people at ease.

I take a similar approach to your family and group photos, my intention is to get your guests back to your celebration as quick as possible. I'll photograph the essential groups and those people that matter the most and then everyone can carrying on enjoying themselves and I’ll be once more be in the background, quietly telling your story through the little moments.

From your first contact through to your wedding day I’ll be as involved in your wedding as you would like me to be. For some couples that may mean there is little contact in between our initial conversations and the wedding day. My strong reportage photography skills ensure that I can cover your day authentically without knowing you intimately. Others prefer to have my support every step of the way, as one of my wedding couples recently said “Rob was not just a wonderful wedding photographer, he also became an amazing partner in helping to create and execute or dream wedding”.

You can view a selection of my wedding photography in my portfolio

I've held out long enough... Starting February 2018 I will begin photo-blogging some recent weddings to provide you with a deeper look at the day from start to coveage completion. This will be a gradual process with me adding one or two galleries a month.

Upon request I can share full wedding galleries with you. Grab a coffee/tea, beer or glass of wine because you'll be looking at 700-1000+ photos depending on the wedding coverage options selected.

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