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Colleen said...

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"Rob Hickey is an amazingly talented photographer with an eye for detail and creativity with his shots. In the 8 months leading up to our wedding, Rob met with us in person, corresponded through countless emails, answered all of our questions, had us complete a questionnaire to get more information about what we wanted, and held a phone conference with us just before the wedding day to finalize details. He made sure to discuss our “must-have” photos, which included large-group extended-family shots that Rob coordinated flawlessly during our reception. He was organized, helpful, respectful, and personable. Rob kept to a timeline during the wedding day which ensured that things ran smoothly for the entire 10 hours he was with us. The beautiful images Rob captured speak to his capabilities as a photographer. Rob loves what he does, and it is clear that he wants to help make your day special by capturing moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. The stunning quality of his shots far surpassed our expectations. We are forever grateful to have these memories from this amazing day in our lives! We are very lucky and thankful that we chose Rob as our photographer!"

Photo of a bride and groom with their family and wedding party.
Photo of a couple in a wooded area.

Devin said...

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"My husband and I were lucky enough to have Rob Hickey as our photographer for our wedding last August in 2017. Our wedding was on the water at an antique boat museum. The size and complexity of the venue made it challenging for one person to cover, but Rob did a wonderful job of listening to what we wanted, making us comfortable, and managing the time and space we had in the most effective way possible. We were very happy with our experience and how our pictures came out for our big day. We would highly recommend hiring Rob as a photographer."

Molly said...

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"We could not have asked for a better photographer than Rob! I had first met Rob at a wedding expo a year before my wedding. What really turned me on to his services was the unique warmth that all of his photos had to them, combined with how personable and pleasant Rob was.
A month in advance of our wedding, Rob had a phone meeting with us to see what we liked and did not like, shots we wanted and what we wanted to avoid, and made sure my now-husband and I had a clear understanding of what the plan was for the day for photography. We had hired Rob to be a part of our day from when we got dressed until the party was over (9 hours) and he was chipper, interactive, and accommodating the entire time. Rob really wowed us with the shots he was able to capture - from the planned portraits to the candids, and some of our favorite photos were the ones that people had no idea he was taking. He prepared well in advance by arriving early to experiment with lighting and meet everyone so that he could get the best photos possible for us. The man even withstood negative degree temperatures to take photos of my groom and I outside for our winter wedding!
From a month before the wedding until even months after, Rob is always an email or call away and has a great response time. Snatch him up for your engagement shots or wedding day!"

Photo of a bride and groom in an embrace outside the entrance of Tailwater lodge in a winter sub zero setting.
Photo of a couple in a wooded area.

Ana & Justin said...

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"When we set out to find a wedding photographer we had not a clue what we were doing or where to start. We did know though what we wanted; we wanted a photographer that would capture our unique venue and adventurous spirit.

When we found Rob’s website we immediately fell in love with his photography. We could not have found a more perfect person to capture our special day. His style, and the composition of his photos were exactly what we were looking for.

Our venue and were we live were extremely far apart but Rob was willing to meet with us over multiple video calls in the months leading up to the wedding, where we discussed how we wanted our wedding to be photographed.

Rob not only captured every special moment of our wedding, he became a part of the family. He came a day early to get set up, get to know our families, and plan the wedding day shots. On the day of the two of us, having so much going on around us and so many more things on our minds, it was great to have Rob spend the time directing us to get the specific shots we wanted but also allow the day to play out and capture all the candid natural moments that first attracted us to his photography.

We are so thankful for Rob’s thoughtful approach and the way our pictures came out! If we ever are in need of a photographer again, he will be our first call!"

Joanne said...

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"I can't say enough good things about Rob and his team! From the moment we met at a bridal show to follow up after the big day Rob was responsive, enthusiastic and accommodating. After a few phone and skype meetings, I really felt like Rob understood our vision of an intimate, joyful, family-style wedding. We had some pretty specific requests, and Rob flexed some creative muscles and scouted locations the day before to make it happen. On our wedding day he was professional, warm, and managed to melt into the background and capture the day as it went on around him. During formal posed shots his patience and humor put everyone from my nieces and nephews to my grandparents at ease. When the photos started coming back to us we were floored! Somehow he had captured the most intimate moments of the day without us ever realizing he was there. He captured the unique beauty of our ceremony location and made all the little details I worked so hard on shine. You can't go wrong choosing Rob to photograph your wedding, and I know I'll be reaching out to him with any photography needs in the future! "

Photo of a bride and groom with their wedding party.

Caitlyn said...

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"Let me start by saying Rob is an incredible photographer and genuinely nice person. I do not have any experience with photography and when it came to choosing a photographer for our wedding, I didn’t know how to choose. We found Rob at a Bridal Show. We liked his photographs and he was available for our date, so we booked him immediately. I know that doesn’t really sound good, but it was one of my luckiest moments; how Rob was not yet booked, I do not know, but it was meant to be.
While I thought the most important characteristic of a photographer was the quality of their pictures (don’t get me wrong, that is important), I didn’t realize how helpful Rob would be in planning and scheduling our day. As usual, I was behind on planning and had not found a place to take photographs. I wanted outdoor pictures with flowers and nature. I looked at multiple places and told Rob I was having trouble finding an available venue. He ended up looking online for me and asking his colleagues for places in the area that would fit my criteria. He definitely went above and beyond in the planning process.
When it came to the wedding day, he showed up much earlier than requested so he could find the best place for photos given the rainy, dreary day. He stood in the rain, in mud puddles, and let me take photos with my soaking wet horse. He stayed even later than requested at the end of the wedding to make sure we could get the dramatic, night pictures we had requested..."

Sabrina said...

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"My husband and I felt so fortunate to have had Rob capture our special moments on our wedding day. He was fun to work with. I love how enthusiastic he was about shooting at our venue and he came up with such creative ideas. I knew we would see some awesome images but I was truly blown away at the quality of our sneak peak photos. He edited efficiently as we were able to see all of our images so quickly, both in black and white and in color. Not only did he capture the intimate and beautiful moments of our ceremony but he also took a ton of candid shots at our reception, which was a blast. Thanks Rob for allowing us to relive our special day through your work, it means so much to us!"

Amanda said...

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"Rob was such a pleasure to work with. From the moment I first talked to him, I knew he understood what I wanted in my photos. He was extremely patient and cooperative with trying to get family photos outside before it started raining. He was taking pictures up until the last second it started raining so we didn't miss any opportunities. Just like any weddings, nothing ever goes as planned, and Rob was kind enough to stay a little longer than scheduled so we didn't miss out on our cake cutting. Rob has a great eye and will without a doubt provide you with beautiful pictures to cherish for a lifetime. "

Mike said...

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"Our experience with rob couldnt have been better! He was very open to any ideas that we had and helped us get exactly what we were looking for. Rob was always in the right place at the right time. He was very go with the flow, mimicking our sort of mood. We had a great time working with him and would recommend him to anyone for there most important events. Pictures came out looking amazing!"

A bride and groom walking hand in hand together.

Ronia said...

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"Rob did an amazing job at capturing us and all our family and friends on our wedding day (7/7/17)! I am sure it was challenging because it was a very hot day outside, but all the pictures came out great! I am so glad to have met him at the Syracuse Bridal Show! We will treasure these photos forever. Thanks again Rob!"

Donald said...

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"Rob Hickey was a pleasure to work for our wedding. He was very enthusiastic throughout the process, and the pictures from the wedding came out looking perfect. Not only did they look perfect, but they were extremely plentiful equally nearly 900 pictures from the event, most of which we didn't even realize he was taking. If I ever need a professional photographer again, he would be first on my list. You will not regret it!"

Stephanie said...

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"Rob was wonderful and such a great person to work with. We felt relaxed and everything flowed so well. We are so happy with our pictures and how everything turned out!"

Marcia said...

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"Rob is amazing! He not only took the time to make sure EVERY single shot was perfect, he risked life & limb climbing on the top of a golf cart to ensure the perfect shot. He not only did our wedding, but our brother & sister-in-law's wedding, too. He is a fantastic person, as well. He accommodated us far beyond our expectations. Climbing on a golf cart to ensure a perfect shot? That's fantastic."

Elizabeth said...

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"Rob was not just a wonderful wedding photographer, he also became an amazing partner in helping to create and execute our dream wedding. My hubby and I are both a bit unconventional, very nerdy, fun-loving, and silly. We are each other's best friends and we wanted wanted our winter wedding to be a reflection of us and a celebration of love with all of the people we care about. Rob immediately understood the kind of special day we were trying to plan and he became a regular resource of creativity and ideas that we relied on over our months of planning. When our wedding day came around, Rob's combination of calm and fun made all of the photography seem effortless to us even though we know he was putting his heart and soul into it. When we came back from our honeymoon a couple of weeks later, we were blown away by all of the work Rob had ready to show us. He had captured every special detail and moment for us in his beautiful photography, and most importantly, all of our silliness, joy, love, and happiness. I still get teary when looking at our photos two years later and we couldn't be more grateful for everything Rob did for us!"

Sam said...

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"What a wonderful surprise! My fiance and I won an engagement photoshoot with Rob at the Rochester Bridal show in October 2017, and when we reached out to him, he was prompt, respectful, friendly and most importantly talented! We loved the photos he took of us and we look forward to enjoying them for the rest of our lives. Thank you again Rob!"

A photo of an engaged couple shot through a flower outcrop and backlighted by the setting sun filtering through a bank of trees.
Three photos of three seniors from the same family

Jyl said...

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"Rob is a great photographer and person.  I have trusted him to take senior portraits for 3 of my 4 children and when the youngest is a senior, I will be calling him again!
Rob is a true professional.  His kind and calm manner enables you and your child to feel comfortable and relaxed before, during and after your photo session.  He captures the most beautiful and natural expressions of your child.  His work is exceptional.  I am a true fan!
I highly recommend Rob Hickey.  You will be very happy with his service and results.  He is a top notch photographer."

Bill said...

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"A true professional!  Rob photographed our daughter for her senior picture and photo-shoot. He really captured the essence of our beautiful daughter across a range of photos. The backdrop he selected of the Eastman house made for a nice variety of poses complemented by changes in apparel.    The photos were just amazing; he has such an eye for creating that special look with each one.   They aren’t just photos they are works of art.  I couldn’t be more satisfied with the excellent work Rob provided all over, from setting up the shoot, his patience while my daughter did her wardrobe changes ;) to the proofs and final prints. 
I highly recommend Rob to my family and friends without hesitation for any photography needs. Can’t thank you enough Rob!"

A photo of an high school senior portrait
Three photos of three seniors from the same family

Elina said...

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"Rob has been wonderful to work with! We hired him to take pictures of our little daughter and he offered a great 3-6-9-12 month package for our little one. Throughout the year, he was very prompt to remind me of scheduling our next session, as I would forget! He did an excellent work in capturing our little one's personality throughout the year and it has been awesome watching her grow. He also allowed my oldest daughter join in the photo shoots, which i thought it was really nice. Now I have created a book that shows a collection of those pictures and captures the sisters' relationship and how much fun they have had taking these pictures. I would highly recommend Rob for his professionalism, creativity and promptness! Thank you Rob!"

Kathy said...

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Rob did a fantastic job with my son's senior portraits. I was extremely happy with the results and recommended him to my co-worker for her wedding. We couldn't have been happier. Thanks Rob."

A photo of an high school senior portrait
Three photos of three seniors from the same family

Jill said...

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"Rob did my son’s senior pictures and they’re outstanding!! Impossible to choose just one. I waited until my son got his braces off (which was pushing the deadline for the school yearbook) and I had to reschedule once, which Rob took it all in stride (unlike me who was panicked). Thank You, Rob!!"