Ana & Justin’s Gilbertsville Farmhouse Wedding Photography

Ana and Justin, an adventurous fun loving couple living in Brooklyn NY, but frequent travelers of the world. Justin actually proposed the question to Ana mountain side at base camp Mt. Everest! Man, talk about setting the bar high for other guys ready to pop the question! My wedding photography coverage spanned a touch over 13 hours this day, but what a wonderful full day it was! Full of loving friends and family who were all super friendly and ready to party! My second shooter for the day was Mike Buehler. The always awesome DJ and officiant work was handled by Classy Cat Entertainment (FKA Paduano Studios) out of Syracuse NY. Dinner was catered by Dinosaur Bar-B-Que out of Troy.

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The first views upon my arrival to Gilbertsville Farmhouse as I began wedding photography coverage on this glorious September morning!

External photos of Gilbertsville Farmhouse wedding venue



All the flowers and arrangement for the wedding were handmade by Ana, Bridesmaids, and Brides Mother.

Photos of a bride's bouquet on a bench and next to an angel statue



Ana’s dog (Tess) was always close by while she was getting ready.

Photos of a bride getting ready and of her dog.



Photo of the groom and his parents.



Children smiling while being pushed on a bench swing



Ana’s beautiful handcrafted wedding dress was made by Rebecca Schoneveld of Brooklyn, NY.

photo of the bride's wedding dress and shoes



photo of a smiling bride laughing and getting a kiss


Finishing touches being made on the hand painted pallet used as the canvas for the wedding celebration’s order of events sign. Ana’s smiling approval clearly apparent!

photo of handpainted order of events for the wedding day



photo of groom putting finishing touches to his vows


 The grooms and groomsmen attire on display back-lighted


Wedding party picture of a family member kicking back on a hammock with one leg up.



A few of Ana’s family members. Furry and otherwise.

photo of family members including a dog

Photo of a proud and admiring mother on her daughter's wedding day. Another with the smiling bride


photo of the two women getting ready for wedding applying makeup



Finshing touch to make up and hair for this bride.



Nothing is better than genuine laughter.
With no cel phone reception and the guys at base camp a good hike away we used walkies-talkies to communicate.  I was given the call sign of Double IPA. Oh yeah… They know me.

Photo of a laughing bride.



Brides grandfather casual portrait.

Brides grandfather casual portrait.



Groom in front of mirror trimming his beard.



Mom and soon to be mother in-law admiring Ana and feeling the love

Photo of bride and brides mother and mother in law.




photo of bride grandparents




Photo of bride and family getting ready for wedding



Lots of hugs and kisses going on this day. Ana’s mom and grand father picture below here.

Photo of grandfather kissing mother of bride on the cheek



Bridesmaids recieving gifts from bride



Back at Gilbertsville base camp Justin and his gents are just about ready!

Groom getting dressed for wedding



Photo if grooms dad helping groom put on suit jacket



Photos of bride with her wedding dress just put on.



photo of bride having family member help wiht her earrings



shoto of bride kissing her grandmother on the cheek



A bride and her dad standing in front of an old truck



We had a few minutes before the first look. A perfect opportunity to grab a few quick wedding portraits of Ana looking simply radiant.

A bride posing by a vintage truck overlooking the rolling hills of New Berlin NY

Photos of a bride



I personally love it when couple choose to do first look wedding photos. I almost always shoot first look sequences with a telephoto lens somewhere between 135-200mm.
This puts enough distance between us to afford them the opportunity to speak privately out of my earshot.

Photos of a first look sequesnce of a bride and groom

photos of a bride and groom's first look prior to ceremony.




portrait wedding photos of a bride and groom




two photos of a bride and groom walking hand in hand on a grassy hill with blue skies in the background




brid and groom being playful and laughing



Photo of the brides bouquet with couple in background, and another with them walking hand in hand. The wedding venue on the background.



bride and groom walking together and laughing



This was not a planned shot. When Ana’s cousin (ring bearer) decided to photo-bomb them in a such cute way I couldn’t let the moment go uncaptured.

Young boy photobombing this bride and groom's photo in a very cute fashion.



Bride and groom sharing a moment in these outdoor pew shortly before ceremony time.



The wedding party looking good and having fun in these next series of photos!

The groom and groomsmen showing off their cuff links

The groom and groomsmen being playful for this photo.

The bride and bridesmaids holding hands in this group portrait

The bride and her girls with flowers in hand in these two photos

Wedding party photo with hands in the air and playing to the camera



Final touch ups to Ana’s makeup just prior to the ceremony.

Two photos. One of the bride getting makeup touchups, the other a photo of her hair do with flowers in it.



Floral pew adornments on the processsion path to the altar.



Several wedding procession photos of family and wedding party.



Ana and Justin being true to who they are choose break with tradition and walk their wedding ceremony processional hand in hand.

Bride and groom walking together at the processional of their wedding ceremony.




Wide angle photo of the wedding ceremony beginning with bright sunshine and blue skies with a few distant clouds.

Three photos featuring the bride and Groom and their parents at the ceremony

bride and grrom at an outdoor ceremony facing eachother hand in hand.



“Happiness is only real when shared”  – Justin quoting Chrostopher McCandless in his vows.

Photo of the groom reciting his wedding vows to his bride




The bride readinig her vow to her groom.



Capturing parent reactions at the ceremony is essential and will often yield emotive images. I especially love Ana’s mom’s photo on the right. These kind of moments are what I live to capture.

Proud and emotionally moved parents of the bride and groom in these two photos.




Bride and groom exchanging ring against the backdrop of late afternoon sun-drenched rolling hills.




photo of the bride and grooms first kiss.




bride and groom joyfully exiting the recessional.



Hug and kisses from family and friends in this photo.

Hug and kisses from family and friends in this photo.



Brother and sister, mother and father…

Photo of bride and her brother wathcing their parents in an embrace.



Kisses and long shadows wrap up this late afternoon wedding ceremony.
Photos of bride and groom kissing and throwing long shadows after their late afternoon ceremony.



Family and wedding party walking hand in hand, arm in arm.



Justin and Ana are both very ecologically conscious people. All plates, forks, knives, etc. By Leafware. All compostable and Eco-friendly.

Photos of reception table setting and decoration details.





Time to get the party started with the grand entrance to the wedding reception followed by first dance, and parent dances.

Photo of bride and groom making their reception grand entrance.

Photo of bride and groom during their first dance.Photo of bride and groom during their first dance.

two photos. Bride dancing with her mom, and groom dancing with his.





Photos of speeches and toasts by best man and maid of honor.Weeding guests raising glasses to the brid and groon in this photo




Photo of barn reception from exterior at nighttime lighted up beautifully.



OK, dinner’s done, let’s dance and party the rest of the evening!

Photos of dancing during a lively wedding reception.

Photos of dancing during a lively wedding reception.Photos of dancing during a lively wedding reception.

Photos of dancing during a lively wedding reception.Photos of dancing during a lively wedding reception.



Ana and Justin going with mini pies over a traditional wedding cake. That works!Bride and groom feeding each other pie rather than the traditional wedding cake.




Photos of dancing and fun at the wedding reception.



Encircled by their loved ones Ana and Justin share loving looks during the final dance of the celebration.

Photo of bride and groom encircled by their family and friends for a last dance of the evening.



Photo of the bride, groom and thier dog.




Photo of wedding party and friends around a fire pit outside of the wedding reception barn.



One final shot before packing up and leaving these two wonderfully kind people to continue their celebration and life together as husband and wife.

Bride and groom in this night photo outside the reception barn.

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