Madeline & Mark’s Wolf Oak Acres Wedding Photos

Madeline and Mark held their entire wedding day festivities at the lovely country venue of Wolf Oak Acres in Oneida NY. The weather was gloriously beautiful and sunny on this late October day. They elected to dispense with many of the common wedding traditions such as first dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss & garter, etc. They simply wanted a fun party vibe with their beloved family and friends, and that’s just what they got! I love that they made it their own and didn’t feel pressured to include sub events that didn’t matter to their personal sensibilities. My second shooter for the day was Gabrielle Plucknette. DJ, MC and up-lighting was handled by Jonathan and company of Classy Cat Entertainment. Hair and makeup by Karma Salon & Spa. Catering by Sunrise Specialty Catering. Event design by A Mad Affair.

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Photo of exterior of wedding venue Wolf Oak Acres in Onieda NY



Photo of exterior of wedding venue Wolf Oak Acres in Onieda NY



A four photo montage of a bride getting makeup and hair done for her wedding day



A photo of a groom looking into a mirror prior to his wedding.



Photo of three bridesmaids from behind adn then from in front.



Photo of rweddnig reception center pieces and another of the place cards with guest names.



Photo of interior of Wolf Oak Acres, an Onieda NY rustic wedding venue



Photo of wedding flowers.



Mark sporting a can of some damn fine IPA made by The Alchemist Brewery.

Photo of a groom holding a can of Focal Banger IPA by The Alchemist Brewery



Two photos of a bride and her mother getting ready for the wedding and one of them side by side.



Photo of a bride getting her hair done.


Madeline getting some love from her girls and parents peeking in on her getting ready.

Photo of a bride in the foreground looking at her bridesmaid peek at her through the room door.



Photo of a bride's parents peeking at her from the room's door.



Two photos of a groom with his groomsmen getting ready and putting on his tie.



Two photos. One a close up of a groom reviewing his vows written on note cards. A second of him adjusting his suit jacket while looking in a mirror.


You should be smiling at yourself, Madeline. You looked simply beautiful and glowing all day!

A lovely bride giving herself a smiling once over in her fully doned wedding dreess while looking in a mirror


I just love doing first looks with couples…

Two Photos. First, a bride ready to desend the steps to meet her grrom for a first look prior to the ceremony. The second is a distant picture of the bride in the backgound and her groom in the foreground .



Photos of a bride making her way to her groom for a first look prior to thier wedding ceremony.



A photo of a bride and groom embracing during the first look photos prior to the ceremony.


One of my personal favorites of Maddy & Mark. Thank you two!

A portrait photo of a bride and groom, he kissing her forehead while she smiles with her eyes closed.



Two photos. First is of a bride and groom kissing in front of a small chapel. The second is of them walking hand in hand away from the camera



Photo of a bride and groom in black and white looking lovingly at each other.



A silhouette photo of a bride and groom atop a deck stairway


Love these shots that Gabrielle grabbed while Maddy freshened up just prior to the ceremony.

Two photos of a bride posed on an antique sofa.




Mark getting some love right before showtime!



THree photos of a wedding procession of the bride and the groom lovingly lokking at her approch.



Photo of mother hugging her daughter bride after handing her off to her groom.



A wide angle shot of the entire wedding party during the ceremony.



Two photos of a bride and groom reciting their wedding vows to eachother during the pond side ceremony in autumn.


Photo of the groom putting his brides's wedding ring on her fiinger during the ceremony.



I wide angle view of the pondside wedding ceremony with view of the guests and wedding party.



A photo of the first kiss during the ceremony.



A bride and groom with thier hands raised in the air in celebration after being pronounced husband and wife.



Four photos of family wedding formal group photos.



Three separate photos of the bride with her sister, here brothers and of her wedding party.



Three individual photos of a groom with his groomsmen.



A wedding party photo backlighted by the alte autumn afternoon sun.


Again, Madeline… Looking just stunning!

A bride portriat with her looking over her shoulder at the camera backlighted by the late autumn afternoon sunlight.



A photo of the groom kissing his bride while she leans back slightly looking back at the camera lens while backlighted by the late autumn afternoon sun.



A photo of bridesmaids blowing kisses to the bride and laughing.



A bride and groom portrait in the late afternon sunlight with him kissinig her while her vails blows in the late autumn breeze.



Occasionally there are minor casualties at weddings as is illustrated in the second photo below, or it could just a case of boys having some good fun.



A groom smoking a cigar during coctail hour.



Photo of the weddin venue dining room before the guest enter.



Dessert items of tarts and cupcakes from the wedding.



Nine photos of the wedding party being introduced at the reception entry.



Bride and grrom atop the venue stairway awaiting thier introduction to the reception.



Two photos of the bride and groom being introduced at the reception..



Photos of maid of horor toasting the bride.



Photos of the best man giving his speech and toast.



Photos of dancing family and guest at the wedding reception.



Photos of dancing family and guest at the wedding reception.



Photos of dancing family and guest at the wedding reception.




Photos of dancing family and guest at the wedding reception.



Photos of dancing family and guest at the wedding reception.



Photos of dancing family and guest at the wedding reception.



Photo of the bride and grrom kissing on the dance floor



The bride and grooms rings in a cloe up macro photo.


Another illustration of the beautiful day they had, from bright sun in the day to bright stars at night! Cheers to you two!

Wide photo of the bride and groom gazing at each other in an embrace under the stars by the pond where they were earlier wed..